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June 17th Virtual Meetup

  • 06.17.2021 @ 9:00am – 11:00am
  • Zoom Conference

At our monthly meetups, CLX aims to forge and develop relationships between mentors, innovators, and trusted adults who are united to exchange best practices, challenges, and opportunities across our ecosystem.

Before we dive deep into summer 2021, what lessons will we take from the collective forest fire of 2020?

At our June 17 meetup, hear from Kristen Vogt, Boy Scouts of America, and Rebecca Senatore, Chicagoland Career Pathways. on ways to increase in-person engagement in summer learning online and in-person, help youth discover career options, and learn about a new and FREE tech tool.

During “tinker time”, a place for educators to try and test free or low-cost technology tools, Rebecca will also share more about a workforce tool for your students to find real-time jobs and career pathways through the Chicagoland Career Pathways. This site aggregates quite a large number of progressive pathway programs for students and their guides.

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