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Collaborative Innovation Fund

Sparking innovation to ensure young people flourish in a time of profound change.

The Chicago Learning Exchange’s (CLX) Collaborative Innovation Fund seeks to fuel and invest in early seed innovations in out-of-school time programs and spaces that leverage digital media and technology with supportive relationships.

CLX recognizes that those closest to the challenges are usually best positioned to create solutions. Therefore, educators within the CLX community are encouraged to ideate, design, and pilot ways to enhance hands-on, engaging learning opportunities.

Equity is a core driver in all of our work; CLX and our members support work that influences the lives of youth who need it the most.

From time to time, CLX issues a specific calls to action on topics such as activating youth voice through youth media and organizing or introducing families to hands-on learning.

We ask ourselves and our community:

  • How might we create learning opportunities that ignite a young person’s passions?
  • How might educators create curricula that resonates with a young person’s life?
  • How might we promote learning across boundaries (i.e. in-school, out-of-school, online, and in-person?
  • How might we build a culture of experimentation in that failure is okay as long as we learn from failure?

Our hope: CLX support helps our partners turn “how might we” statements into action.

CLX also offers additional support in the following areas:

  1. Collaborative projects that leverage digital media or technology to create learner-centered experiences and opportunities
  2. Travel to Select Conferences
  3. Brother Mike Award


Brother Mike Award


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