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Networked Educators Meetup @ CLS2019

Have you ever wondered what connected learning might look like in other cities, rural areas, or learning-friendly places and spaces? The Connected Learning Summit (CLS) sheds some light on that very question by bringing together educators, researchers, designers, and industry professionals from across the world to expand access to participatory, playful, and creative learning. Many out-of-school, informal educators who work at zoos, museums, after-school clubs, and science centers attend CLS to see connected learning in action through innovative programs and new learning technologies. CLS is also a great place to build networks and participate in professional development. It can be a little daunting to jump in at first with the multitude of tech demos, ignite talks, showcases, poster sessions, workshops, research paper presentations, and even a Hall of Failure. However, that’s why we think that connected learning educators around the country deserve a pre-conference day tailored specifically for them! At the very least, we hope to give connected learning practitioners a game plan for getting the most out of CLS. Ideally, we would love to begin exploring what a nationally networked connected learning community might look like.

Here is what to expect if you join us at the Pre-Conference Networked Educators Meetup on October 2:

This pre-conference event is open to educators who participate in and lead connected learning networks across cultural institutions, museums, nonprofits and community organizations. Networks of educators include communities of practice similar to Hive, Remake Learning (Pittsburgh), and the Chicago Learning Exchange. We hope to see educators from networks across cities, ecosystems, communities, and contexts. This pre-conference event is also open to those who currently do not participate in this kind of network but might want to learn how to start one in their own city.

At the event, participants will share what it means to participate in these kinds of networks—highlighting what works well and rethinking areas of improvement. Connected learning educators will have the opportunity to discuss how these networks serve as professional learning opportunities and how they bring ideas, such as innovations uncovered by attending the Connected Learning Summit, back into their networks.

Participants in this pre-conference event will also get to expand their own professional contacts by meeting colleagues from across the country who are members of similar networks.

We are collaborating with Ani Martinez of Remake Learning in Pittsburgh to design this pre-conference session. The Networked Educators Meetup will focus on out-of-school, informal educators and the networks they participate in. We are planning the session as a collaborative learning opportunity for everyone attending, including us as facilitators.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to Edge ( and Wade ( We plan on bringing back everything we learn from this session to CLX, so no worries if you cannot join us in Irvine.

About the Authors:

Edgar ‘Edge’ Quintanilla is a Digital Education Manager at Chicago Architecture Center. Edge’s main responsibilities involve CAC’s online and digital learning strategies including and hosting online design competitions. He also develops technology-friendly design education experience with the rest of the Education team at CAC. This year Edge is a co-organizer of the Connected Learning Summit.

Wade Berger is a 2nd year Ph.D. student in the Learning Sciences program at Northwestern University. He studies how out-of-school educators learn to create innovative programs to empower youth. He is also an active member of CLX and a former CLX Advisory Board Member.

CLS is Oct. 2-5, 2019, in Irvine, CA. You can register for the Connected Learning Summit here.

If you can’t make the Connected Learning Summit, learn more and join the year-round Chicago-based community: