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CLX 2023: A Year in Review!

  • CLX Team

The end of 2023:
We are grateful to have been together with the CLX Community so frequently IN PERSON in 2023 through our monthly Meetups. Meetups have always been a chance to gather with colleagues and friends, to get to know one another and the work happening across the youth development community, and to share good practices and critical questions in an affirming space.

Our 2023 accomplishments:
We met 8 times, at locations around the city like BUILD, the All Stars Project, Columbia College, the Art Institute, and Harold Washington Library Center. Over 300 people attended meetups, and we had almost 90 different organizations represented across the year.

Looking towards 2024:
The CLX team is ending the year with gratitude for all that members contributed to the youth development community, whether by attending a Meetup, sharing your work in a presentation or announcement, or spreading the word with your networks about joining CLX. Take a look below to remind yourself of all that was covered and accomplished in 2023, and to get excited to join us for programs in 2024!