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Closing the Digital Divide and Activating Engagement through #Xchange

  • CLX Staff

CLX and its network members are a community of digital learning experts. During the August virtual meetup, we put on our design thinking hats to tackle the following question/problem: How might we collectively close the digital divide?

The digital divide term itself refers to the gap between those who have ready access to computers and the internet and those who do not. It also encompasses who has knowledge of technology resources such as computers, internet, and how to engage with these technologies.

Since CLX members are long-time digital learning leaders, we knew we needed to create space and activities to tap into their expertise. Therefore, we collaboratively created resources that help to answer questions in regards to closing the digital divide and increasing youth engagement in digital programming. Read more about how we achieved this below.

Knowing that no user is the same, CLX members utilized an empathy focused design thinking tool to create user personas. The next step was to share out various archetypes of those we serve while recognizing that archetypes should not be stereotypes. Based on these initial activities, we divided into groups centering around a specific concern, digital-divide or engagement. After reading an introduction to each concern and looking at a few researched best practices pre-listed, the attendees started writing out tips they’ve used with success. After taking time to type and read others’ contributions, further discussion took place which sparked more ideas and notes added.

In the digital divide working group, participants came up with questions that would help access needs. Support Network: Who supports you when you get stuck?

The CLX member-created one-pagers are working documents that can be found within the Working Groups section of our Community Wiki. Again, all notes and slide decks are available to the public via CLX Community Wiki Meetup Library. We encourage you to utilize and spread these resources. Feel free to share any of the resources made available with those you believe can benefit and extend an invite to our next conveying.

If you’re also a youth development and learning expert, come and invite others so we can continue to learn from one another. Join us and become a member today!