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CALL: CLX 10 Year Anniversary Stories

  • Sana Jafri

10. Decade. Decennary. However you want to say it, it’s been a whopping 10 years since we were founded. Back then we were created to reimagine learning in Chicago to be relevant, digitally-enabled and connected to mentors and peers that shared further opportunities as a means of enriching youth networks and igniting further possibilities to learn, work, play, and engage in a rapidly changing world. Now, this mission, vision, and work are needed more than ever.

In CLX fashion, we want to celebrate you, our wonderful members, and the work we've done together throughout our past 10 years.

To celebrate CLX's 10th Anniversary, we are seeking stories of CLX funded projects that have been incubated, iterated, and catalyzed over the years. We will compile these stories into one document, let’s say, a yearbook. One that will illustrate both the process and outcomes of our efforts to reimagine and remake learning. One that champions our community-wide digital learning network.

Additionally, we will also have a separate form for individual member stories. We know that it is the people, you all, that have been instrumental to not only reimagining learning but remaking it with equity at the center. We want to share your journeys and sentiments.

ASK: Please complete the short forms below to share your CLX funded projects and individual member stories. We will take stories on a rolling basis until the end of October 2020.

Thank you for your consideration, time, and collective effort to capture the spirit of our dynamic, collaborative, loving, and impactful community.

Individual Member Form

Funded Project Form