Carolyn's Hope (Camp Dinner Table)

Camp Dinner Table is a fun-filled program designed to inspire, encourage, and educate youth and their families on the foundational importance of family, culture, community, and sharing meals at, "The Dinner Table".

Camp Dinner Table is dedicated to spending quality time with youth, learning and developing cooking, sanitation, hygiene, and kitchen safety skills.

Together in Camp Dinner Table, there is an exploration of the world of food, food origins and its cultural significance, and history, gaining knowledge and appreciation of this fantastic life source that connects us all.

Families engage in meal preparation and conversation together and learn how to have thought provoking conversations using social and emotional learning techniques garnered in program.

Camp Dinner Table is devoted to being a safe space, it is committed to uplifting the voice of Youth and upholding the value of family while building relationships, and communities with the intentional result of making beautiful lasting memories.