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Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago youth programs create spaces for young people to engage with art, artists, and museum professionals in the context of a world-renowned and Chicago-rooted cultural institution. Many young people come to the museum in the context of one-time visits, through class- and course-based or youth/community group experiences. These visits offer the opportunity for young people to explore art, artists, and artistic practices in ways that are connected to academic curricular goals or programmatic themes. Whether led by an educator or by the school or group leaders, young people can discover through these visits the relevance of a global and historical collection of art to their contemporary lives. In our immersive programs, young people work with mentors to discover artistic practices, media, and techniques; to develop their creative voices, and to gain and express leadership and career- and college-readiness capacities. Through these experiences, young people are able to build community with one another and to form connections with professional museum staff.