Join CLX: Frequently Asked Questions

Together, we can make Chicago a connected community where all learning counts.

The Chicago Learning Exchange invites all Chicago-based organizations and educators, youth development professionals, and community leaders that are committed to remaking learning to join CLX.

Organizations are invited to become a CLX Partner.

Become a CLX Partner

Individuals are encouraged to join CLX's Hive Chicago network, a professional learning community.

Become a Hive Chicago Member

Please contact the CLX Director of Community, Gina Grant, at anytime with questions or concerns.

For more information on Chicago Learning Exchange and the benefits of joining CLX, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • What is CLX?
  • What is Hive Chicago?
  • How do I join CLX?
  • What are the benefits of joining CLX?
  • What are the expectations of CLX organizational partners and individual members?


What is CLX?

Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX) is a nonprofit organization that works with 200+ organizations and individuals to remake learning in Chicago. CLX’s mission is to inspire and support innovation that equips digital-age learners and leaders to close Chicago’s opportunity gap.

CLX is the outgrowth of two partner organizations: Hive Chicago Learning Network, formerly stewarded by the Mozilla Foundation, and Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning at The Chicago Community Trust. In 2018, these organizations merged to form CLX.

What is Hive Chicago?

Hive Chicago is a member-driven initiative of the Chicago Learning Exchange (CLX). Hive Chicago is a professional learning community of educators, youth development professionals who believe in the promise of connected learning.

In the past, Hive Chicago was comprised of member organizations (not individuals); but, the heart of Hive Chicago has always been the people working within those organizations. In 2018, the Hive Chicago Advisory Committee and CLX staff proposed a shift in Hive Chicago membership from an organizational to an individual membership structure.

Moving forward, Hive Chicago is Community of Practice for individuals within the CLX community; and organizations are referred to as CLX Partners.

How do I join CLX?

Individuals and organizations are able to apply to join CLX anytime by completing a simple and easy online application. You will be asked to provide a brief bio, contact information, profile image, and organizational information, if applicable. Applications should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Applications will be processed within ~2-3 weeks of submission. Once admitted to the Chicago Learning Exchange, partner organizations and individual Hive members remain a part of the network in perpetuity as long as membership expectations are met.

Organizations can apply to become a CLX Partner: Become a CLX Partner

Individuals are encouraged to join CLX's Hive Chicago network: Become a Hive Chicago Member

NOTE: Individual membership is not required to attend Hive Chicago events. Hive Chicago is an open community that welcomes any individual aligned with our values and vision.

What are the benefits of joining CLX?

Organizations and individuals that join the Chicago Learning Exchange gain access to a number of opportunities and resources that include:

Organizational Benefits - Why become a CLX Partner?

  • Funding: Exclusive eligibility to apply for funding via CLX's semi-annual Request for Proposals (RFP)*
  • Network: Ability to engage in events and initiatives that bring together a growing network of organizations and practitioners committed to remaking learning in Chicago
  • Professional Development: Access to free, high-quality professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities for program staff via Hive Chicago, a peer-professional learning network

Individual Benefits - Why join CLX's Hive Chicago network?


  • Face-to-face relationship building and partnership development, which can lead to collaborative projects eligible for funding via Chicago Learning Exchange grantmaking opportunities.*

Support, Space, and a Community of Practice:

  • A safe space to exchange struggles and celebrate accomplishments;
  • A supportive place to experiment with innovative ideas and to challenge ourselves to think deeply about the impacts of our work;
  • A community of practice to develop new knowledge and exchange existing expertise and assets through professional development opportunities;
  • A shared community that is driven by a similar purpose and values of equity.

Leadership Development and Advocacy:

  • Mini-grants and stipends to attend select conferences;
  • Leadership opportunities via the Hive Advisory Committee;
  • Fellowships and awards that recognize excellence in Connected Learning;
  • A base to galvanize support and advocate for your work, young people, organization, field, etc.

*Note: Individual members and for-profit partner organizations are not eligible to lead grant proposals, but may be eligible for sub-grant funding.

What are the expectations of CLX partners and members?

Organizational partners and individual members of the CLX community are expected to:

  • Hold themselves and other members accountable to CLX's mission.
  • Actively engage with the CLX community by attending CLX events, Hive Chicago meetups (we understand you may not attend all of them) and/or participating in online forums.
  • Support Chicago’s learning ecosystem by completing the annual CLX Survey.
  • Actively participate in and/or support events and platforms that unify and strengthen Chicago’s learning ecosystem such as CCOL and Remake Learning Days (if applicable to your role/organization).
  • Keep your online membership profile up-to-date.
  • Be open to being contacted by other network members.
  • Identify, share, and exchange individual and organizational assets and opportunities with other members.
  • Uphold network values by interacting with other members in ways that are:
    • Creative and Innovative
    • Collaborative and Cooperative
    • Accessible and Open
    • Inclusive
    • Experimental, Catalytic, and Transformative
    • Flexible and Future-Focused
    • Trusting of Youth
    • Positive and Respectful
    • Playful and Accepting!