Community / Organization


Artifice is a Chicago area organization that seeks to use project-based, hands-on learning to endow underserved participants with tech and entrepreneurial skills. Using the skills they learn to create community-based social enterprises, students at Artifice will build their portfolios while benefiting the community. We hope to combine tech and entrepreneurial competencies in a way that will sustainably raise the prospects of participants and their communities.

“Artifice” comes from the Latin for “made art,” a fitting description for a space over which participants have creative control. It also makes participants “Artificers,” who, in fantasy literature, are particularly powerful makers, tinkerers, and wizards--all terms used synonymously with hackers. In the tech and engineering worlds, a “hack” is a work-around for a problem. We see the programs at Artifice as hacks that repurpose STEM curricula to solve the problems of structural inequality in public education and in the workforce.