Community / Organization

Project: VISION, Inc.

Project: VISION is a grassroots nonprofit organization with a mission to help the youth of Chicago's Chinatown, Bridgeport, and surrounding communities reach their full potentials by providing them with tools for educational, personal, and civic development. Each year, PV serves over 200 middle school and high school youth, primarily from lower income, first-generation immigrant families, providing them with programs such as after-school tutoring, mentoring, college and career readiness, service learning, and leadership training. PV's programs aim to provide youth with access to programs that equip them to successfully navigate high school, graduate on time, gain college acceptance, and become workplace ready. PV's work is relevant to CLX as many of the service and leadership programs incorporate hands-on learning, exploring and connecting with other communities. Connecting with other successful youth and learning organizations via CLX will also help PV continue to hone the quality of programming here while also potentially gaining partnership opportunities to enrich the programming accessible to PV youth.