Community / Funded Projects

Photovoice Project

This multi-week Photovoice project will enable young people to develop 21st Century and Technology skills as they explore their passions for research, photography, and activism. The participants will develop leadership and teaching skills as they facilitate group dialogue throughout the process and coordinate social action inspired by the results. They will develop technical research skills such as how to conduct a literature review in preparation for research, how to develop a research question, and how to analyze data. This will give young people the power to investigate their lived realities. The participants will develop technical photography skills including how to use a camera to capture a message and how to interpret meaning in photographs. This will enable them to explore their passion for photography in an era of digital images, and teach them to employ photography as a tool for communication. Finally, Photovoice will empower the participants to initiate social change through a community exhibition and online activism. According to the researcher Chilton, photovoice--a technique that connects photographs and stories--has historically been successful in spurring advocacy and policy change, because it elevates the lived realities and perspectives of those who are impacted by the issues at hand.

This project is led by Family Matters.