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Northern Illinois University | Center for P-20 Engagement

NIU’s Center for P-20 Engagement brings together partners from NIU and across the region in mutually beneficial relationships to increase educational success. Across the continuum from preschool (P) to graduate school and lifelong learning (20), our activities foster innovation in schools and communities through hands-on activities for kids, educators and families; professional development for teachers; and regional networking to improve college and career readiness.

STEAM Works include STEM Outreach, STEM Read, SMARTspace@NIU, Huskie Hack, STEMfest, STEM Divas, STEM Cafés, Center for Economic Education and more. These programs are committed to providing awesomely engaging interdisciplinary educational experiences that spark curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

The Northern Illinois Regional P-20 Network facilitates innovative education initiatives to promote college and career readiness for students of all ages. It is a collaborative network made of 11 community colleges, 16 school districts, and 12 state education agencies and organizations have built a community of learning to address regional, system-level challenges that affect the success of students.

The P20's Professional Development Collaborative delivers excitement and innovations from the experts in the P-20 Center and across the University. We offer university expertise and innovations to teachers in the region and around the globe. Professional development in STEAM integration, informal learning, and use of data in the classroom is customized to meet the needs of educators.