Community / Organization Designopedia’s DESIGN eLearning Journeys introduce what design is, what design does, and why design is important to rethinking a better life for everyone in the world.’s STEAM by DESIGN scaffolds project-based learning building subject matter mastery and developing meta-cognitive skills that encourage informal and lifelong learning in students and teachers. Habits of observation, discovery, and self-reflection explore contemporary practices and blur boundaries between work, play, creativity, and fun. Based on over 100 teacher professional development workshops, the award-winning eLearning eco web,, empowers educators with new transdisciplinary research opportunities, local and global connections, emerging careers, and inspirational ways of thinking, learning, and making. works to empower youth voice in rethinking the world. is in its eleventh year reaches thousands of students and teachers in fifty states and over two hundred countries. offers student workshops, teacher professional development, and curriculum development for 3-5, middle and high school districts. Aligned to Next Generation Science, North American Environmental Education Association, and Art & Design standards, received a National Creative Achievement in Education Award in 2018. is a member of HIVE Chicago, Chicago Learning Exchange, National Science Teachers Association, National Art Education Association, National Environmental Education Association, and the ACE Mentor Program.