Community / Organization


Founded in 2012, MOSAYEC envisions that through thoughtful collaboration and innovative efforts, we can increase the number of k-12 students who have access to out of school learning, particularly students from under-resourced communities and schools. We have been participating with the other organizational partners of CLX in their programs since winter 2015. Through these partners, we have given dozens of students and families increased access to the learning opportunities in their communities specifically and the city at large. One of our chief beliefs is that we can impact the lives of students most effectively by deepening the engagement level of the in and out of school educators who influence the lives of children. To that end, we hope to continue finding ways to make access to learning opportunities more relevant and urgent for those who are least engaged with it. Our work is relevant to the mission of CLX because, like this network to which we are applying, we work across the typical boundaries of school, community, and class. We believe that if we are going to continue to create access pathways for disadvantaged students, it will be because we have shared in creating a message which reaches out to individuals and families in a personal, meaningful way.