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Learning Dimensions

Learning Dimensions is a Chicago-based educational consultant company committed to improving the quality of education. Our mission is to design innovative curriculum solutions and provide professional development options to create transformative learning experiences that meet the demands of the 21st-century learner. Learning Dimensions aims to offer services that consider the interrelated and interdependent dimensions of learning.

Services provided by Learning Dimensions include curriculum development; organizational strategic planning; professional development; technical writing; project/program management and coordinating; coaching and consultation services. Services provided and products designed by Learning Dimensions surpasses those of other educational consultant companies in that greater intent is made to integrate the five Dimensions of Learning (i.e., confidence and independence, mastery of skills and strategies, use of prior and emerging experiences, knowledge of content matter, and reflection or “metacognition”). When learners obtain greater mastery of the five Dimensions of Learning they become better able to confront complex problems and create inventive and original solutions to those problems. They become empowered to make a difference in their communities and serve a greater good. Our motto is: “True learning is driven by curiosity, transforms, and makes a difference.”