Community / Funded Projects

La Mesita

Inspired by NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts, La Mesita will bring Chicago youth musicians to Yollocalli’s radio and recording studio, Studio Y, for a performance and interview broadcast live on Lumpen Radio 105.5 FM. The project will also be Yollocalli's weekly Wattz Up! radio show and live video streamed on Yollocalli’s social media outlets.

La Mesita will be a youth-led radio and video series focused on covering the music scene of Chicago’s teens and young adults. La Mesita will provide the training and skills necessary for youth to build their career paths in the journalism, music, or video production field. La Mesita will also help focus a more critical lens on the lack of diversity in music journalism and media. Local journalists, video experts, music bloggers, and podcasters will train youth participants in interviewing skills, radio production, audio production, audio engineering, video production, and post production.

Project Outcomes

↳ La Mesita will train 20 youth in music journalism and video production.

↳ This interest-driven learning opportunity will provide the unique experience for youth to interact and discuss music and culture with other youth.

↳ Once youth learn various skills, they will then broadcast 6 to 10 live broadcasts and video streams throughout the fall 2018 and spring 2019 on 105.5 FM Lumpen radio, and on a live video stream service.

This project is a collaboration between the National Museum of Mexican Art, Yollocalli Arts Reach and Public Media Institute, Lumpen Radio.