Community / Organization

Kuumba Lynx

The Kuumba Lynx Performance Ensemble (KLPE) believes in developing healthy hearts, minds, and bodies that will, in turn, create strong, community foundations of love. KLPE presents, promotes, and preserves Hip-Hop influenced narratives as a tool to reimagine and demonstrate a more just world. These emerging and established artists combine their love of Hip-Hop and dedication to social justice with urban narratives that explore culture, spirituality, social responsibility, and cross cultural understandings. They seek to bring a variety of performers together to discover the complexity of their differences and to state their hope for a liberated future. Their productions explore global politics, cultural influences, spirituality, history, and contemporary issues making every individual and community story important and valuable. These stories presented, be they painful, bittersweet, or comedic, are performed within the context of a unified group of artists and their communities working toward a more just world.