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Illinois Green Alliance

Illinios Green is a member-funded and directed non-profit organization founded in 2002 to transform the region’s built environment to become ecologically sustainable, profitable, and healthy. This mission is driven by a strong belief that green building is key to strengthening communities and improving the quality of life for everyone in Chicago. To do so, Illinois Green utilizes member expertise in sustainability to provide educational programs and community engagement initiatives focused around the latest trends and technology in the design, construction, and operation of green homes, communities, schools, and existing buildings. With hundreds of passionate members and volunteers who lend their time and expertise, Illinois Green provides nearly 75 educational programs, community engagement events, tours, and advocacy initiatives each year. Illinois Green's primary program work focuses on advancing energy efficiency action in underserved neighborhoods. Our work involves building meaningful, long-term partnerships with non-profits, community centers, schools, places of worship and small businesses and provide the education, mentorship and community engagement it takes to leverage existing programs and best practices.