Community / Funded Projects

Hidden Assets: A Data Visualization Employment Program for Teens

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (HPNC) and MAPSCorps will pilot a new collaborative project during the 2018-2019 school year. Both organizations have had strong partnership over the summer, but they seek to test their program model and expand it to the academic school year.

Using data gathered from summer 2018, teens will learn about data visualization and presentation. Using Excel and design software, the teens will learn data visualization techniques such as storyboarding, artistic maps, etc. to present the information in visually engaging ways. For example, they will learn to use percentages to create artwork so if the teens discovered that 60% of bus riders use the bus as their daily commute, they would design a bus of which 60% would be colored in blue to represent daily commuters.

Through this project, teens will have the artistic freedom to find unique and personal ways to showcase the data in final projects which will be available to the public at final presentation and in an online digital archive.

Teens will learn how to engage with their local communities by presenting information in understandable ways to help residents, organizations, and policymakers make effective decisions. These design and presentation skills are easily transferable to future learning, and employment opportunities and are increasingly important in our digital and visual world.

Project Outcomes

↳ Teens will learn various skills such as the: new ways of using digital technologies, how to think critically about and interpret data, and how to innovatively present that information.

↳ They will build skills in community engagement, teamwork and collaboration, and creative problem solving. Teens will develop these important 21st Century skills while being meaningfully employed.

This project is a collaboration between Hyde Park Neighborhood Club and MAPSCorps.