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Holly Kelsven - Homewood Science Center

Homewood Science Center is a nonprofit regional science center that serves Chicago's culturally and economically diverse Southland. Our mission is to inspire scientific wonder, learning, and pursuit. We aim to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM and develop STEM literacy, so area students can gain the skills they need to enjoy and contribute fully to the civic and commercial vibrancy of our region.

We engage students in STEM from preschool to high school. We deliver family learning programs, pre-K and elementary school field trips, and mentoring and internship opportunities for middle and high school students.

These programs take a systems approach to ensuring all students, including those historically underrepresented in STEM, have the skills and confidence to compete in the 21st Century workforce. We’re working to improve STEM education; close the STEM achievement gap for female, minority, and low-income students; and increase economic mobility.

Homewood Science Center's signature programs include PopUp SCIENCE, Roller Coasters: An Inventor's Journey Field Trip for Elementary Students, Girls STEAM Ahead.

Additionally, Homewood Science Center powers the Chicago Southland STEM Network, a platform for educators, industry leaders, parents, and enthusiasts to improve regional STEM education and workforce development.

We also provide internship opportunities for high school volunteers; operate a community maker space; maintain a native pollinator garden; present films, exhibits, and a speaker series; teach kids’ classes, and host robotics teams. Homewood Science Center is “a great big community classroom I can rely on,” said one local parent.