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Global Glimpse

Global Glimpse is a fast-growing non-profit organization working to empower America's next generation to become responsible and successful global citizens through after-school programming and an immersive experience in the developing world. We began in the Bay Area in 2007 with 85 students and have grown to partner with 70 public high schools in the Bay Area, Chicago, and New York to serve over 1,000 students annually, and over 5,700 students and 570 educators cumulatively. Global Glimpse has developed an effective grassroots model that trains high school educators and makes experiential education abroad accessible to students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Our program utilizes 21st Century and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills to help develop students’ global competence, civic engagement, youth leadership, and college readiness, inspiring and empowering youth to become agents of change in their local communities and greater global community.