Community / Funded Projects

Educational Equity Curriculum Project

This project builds off a previous CLX Glimmer grant, in which project partners conducted classroom‑based focus groups with teens. Mikva Challenge (Mikva) will now incorporate that feedback and develop a curriculum around the themes of preservation of a community’s history, race-centered education struggles, and grassroots-led Civil Rights Movements, in the context of the new documentary ‘63 Boycott by Kartemquin Films. The curriculum will be available for youth workers and teachers in Chicago and nationally. Mikva will pilot the film in 5 classrooms in Chicago, and make adjustments accordingly before releasing the curriculum publicly.

Youth will be encouraged to use their own experiences as a launching pad, learn to document and share their own stories of protest, activism, and civic engagement, as well as those of their community. They will be encouraged to explore their interests and strengths as they relate to the needs of their communities. All material developed will be driven by the experience of youth, encouraging them to dive into philosophical discussions about what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, and strategies for achieving it. Skills attained will not only include digital media and technology training as it relates to media creation and community archives, but also communication, learning to coherently craft a youth-driven message, and collaboration within the classroom.