DeepWalk Research

DeepWalk Research is developing a mobile application that supplements construction surveys with precision 3D models. This provides a simple method to decrease the time and money costs associated with reconstructing non-ADA-compliant curb ramps through computer vision by creating 3D precision models of curb ramps that are scanned through our app.
We deeply believe in Chicago Learning Exchange's mission to ignite innovation and provide resources to youth to engage in technology in the digital age we live in, and therefore, we believe we can benefit from a funding opportunity to both expand our project into the Chicagoland area to increase accessibility for the disabled community across regions. In addition to seeking funding, we are also interested in being a resource to youth in the Chicago area through CLX, as we are college students experienced in entrepreneurship and technology. We are interested in how we can expand the application of data science to reach other underprivileged communities and advocate for social good with long term impact.