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Civic ArtWorks

Civic ArtWorks is a neighborhood building company. We are a team of planners, designers, educators and technologists that create tools that empower people to take action that makes positive change happen in the places they love. We help municipalities who want to successfully engage more of their constituents; mission-driven civic organizations charged with making an impact that benefits those they serve; planning, design and engineering companies who want to cost-effectively engage the public in the communities they are working with; and land developers needing input that will help them make smart, economical decisions. We do this by improving the ways in which we (i) educate people about the elements that make up their neighborhood and the processes they can be an active part of in order to improve it; (ii) engage with each other in order to transition good ideas and intentions into a successfully built reality. To help educate, we created Regenerate Neighborhoods, an award-winning high school curriculum focused on civic engagement and service learning, neighborhood planning, design, redevelopment, and governance. To better engage, we created Municipal, an app that helps people work together to shape the future of their neighborhood.