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Chicago-Lawndale Amachi Mentoring Program

Chicago-Lawndale AMACHI Mentoring Program (LAMP) serves youth between the ages of 4 and 18 in the regular mentoring program and 18-24 in the special programs. All youth are matched with a positive and culturally competent adult role model. They are involved in one-to-one mentoring and group mentoring. In addition to mentoring, LAMP provides tutoring in the area of reading and mathematics and involves the youth in Restorative Justice Peacemaking Circles. Additionally, LAMP takes the youth on field experiences to introduce them to some of the many awesome historical landmarks, cultural activities, educational, recreational, sports and enrichment resources that the city has to offer. They visit museums, zoos, cultural centers, libraries, and entertainment outlets. They are also taken on field trips designed to introduce them to other communities within the city. LAMP provides workshops and support forums for the parents. The workshops are designed to assist families with parenting and child-rearing skills. The support forums allow families to share information about their culture, background, parenting strategies and improve their understanding and confidence around parenting.