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Chicago Ideas

Chicago Ideas is a nonprofit platform that inspires, connects, and enables the curious and the committed to build a more thriving, more joyous city for everyone. We create accessible, high-quality content and experiences designed to inspire. We enable our community members to connect with individuals and organizations around the world who are working towards progress. We believe that progress begins when everyone has access to big ideas. Our programming reflects the diversity of thought, academic excellence and working-class ethos of the city in which it’s built. Our onstage programs bring together diverse audiences with one key goal: Inspiring Action. Chicago Ideas Youth seeks to provide the tools, experiences, and mentoring that allows 1,400 local high school students from under-resourced communities to step into leadership roles and serve as agents of change in their world. Through year-round engagement, our Youth are empowered to provide their unique perspectives on what change is needed in our city and to brainstorm solutions they believe will be effective. Chicago Ideas Youth organizes in a variety of ways: the Youth Ambassador program, Speaker Connects, Professionalism Series, Youth Labs Week, Ideas Days in high schools, and Chicago Ideas Week.