Community / Funded Projects

South Side Prints

The South Side Prints project will include hands-on learning with mentorship. Throughout the school-year 20 high school aged young men will participate in the program. Over the course of 36-weeks, youth will complete three, 12-week project based learning experiences related to character development, civic engagement, and skill development. One innovative component of this mentoring program is the level of engagement for youth-mentor matches. The commitment will range between 12-16 hours a month spanning 5 intervention modes: individual mentoring, group mentoring, tutoring, college/workforce development, and advocacy. This approach is innovative since many traditional mentoring programs have matches meeting only 3-5 hours a month.

Project Outcomes
↳ Young men will engage in various forms of mentoring that will support their character development and social emotional learning;
↳ Young men will have an opportunity to create and learn with hands-on learning through screen printing;
↳ Young men will have an introduction to entrepreneurship as a way to cultivate screen printing.

This project is a collaboration between Chasing23 + Wendell Phillips High School.