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Alma Begicevic

Alma Begičević (pronounced as BEGEECHEWITCH) earned her Ph.D. in Socio-Legal Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia, where she studied social and political sciences (main concentration international, law, human rights, law, and society). She also earned her M.A in international relations (main concentration in international human rights law) from the University of Chicago (U.S.) and B.A. honors cum laude in sociology (main concentration in critical theory) from Loyola University Chicago (U.S).

Begičević has extensive professional experience in international human rights law and prior to entering academia, she represented the U.S. Government as the senior human rights advisor with the Human Rights and Rule of Law Department of the OSCE, The U.N. institution-building pillar in Kosovo. She was the Chief of the Anti-Trafficking Unit.

Dr. Begičević is a qualitative researcher, educator, and scholar. She currently teaches sociology at Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Begičević was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina and came to Chicago as a refugee during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She believes in critical thinking that is empathetic, inclusive, collaborative and independent. In her free time, Alma Begicevic enjoys painting, designing, cooking, doing yoga and exploring the history of Chicago.