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Academy of Scholastic Achievement

Since 1978, ASA has helped youth between the ages of 16 and 21 who do not fit into the traditional public school setting to get back on track to graduate and go on to college and careers. ASA’s mission is to accept students where they are academically, socially and emotionally. ASA offers wraparound services focused on individuals and families; employment training for students who are wards of the state; dropout prevention; and parenting services for teen mothers at risk of dropping out of school. In recent years, ASA has made a concerted effort to provide skills training and job preparation for our students, with a particular focus on getting our students as much exposure as possible to technology. Through grant funding, we are able to offer our students access to the FUSE program through Northwestern University that encourages students to use self-directed technology challenges to explore areas of interest. ASA provides students with access to Chrome books, iPads, and other technology and encourages them to use the hardware and available software to develop dynamic presentations and integrate technology and social media as much and as appropriately as possible. ASA is a member of the Alternative School Network and a campus of Youth Connection Charter Schools.